The six kittens are safe now

These are 3 of the 5 young cats abandoned by the same family

The mother and her 6 kittens were placed in foster care and a police report was lodged.

First we spoke to the owner of the unit who told us that the cats belong to his sister and that he would not allow them into his flat. It was clear that he was not concerned at all about the sick kittens.

We were so worried when we saw only 4 kittens this time… but then one more came out. We thought the last one must have fallen to his death (through the gap in the wall ) … then he appeared suddenly – must have been hiding inside one of the shoes.

The caregivers later placed the 6 kittens and mother in carriers and waited for the sister and her husband… .

According to the caregivers, the sister said that they had actually planned to get the 5 cats sterilised… but when we spoke to her husband it was clear that they had no such plans ” Who are we to play god?” As expected he was neither willing to reimburse the caregivers for the sterilisation nor pay for the fostering of the mother & kittens…


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  1. These people are common b***s*** liars that I encountered in my neighbourhood too! They are playing the “devil” by wilfully making the cats and kittens suffer. In my neighbourhood, they would show off their new mobile phone and one even has a domestic helper but they wouldnot spend a cent to sterilise their cats, just happily abandoning their cats downstairs and leaving it to the Will of some Almighty!Let this be the one of rare if not the first case to be tried and found guilty of cat abandonment!

  2. What a ‘great’ excuse for not sterilising their cat.No social grace and uncivic minded are disgusting, turning their back on the sufferings of the unwanted kittens and cats made them totally devilish.Interesting how this case will be handled by the authority.May this be a precedent to help stop the root of cats and dogs overpopulation from irresponsible breeding.The public should be alerted on the source of these so many abandoned cats and dogs from these irresponsible breeders and owners.

  3. It’s difficult! We will be going to SPCA tomorrow… Seems that 3 people witnessing them admitting it’s their cats… is still just “word against word”. We were told that even a recording may not be allowed as proof in court… We could use lawyer’s advise…

  4. Good effort even though charges may not be laid and difficult to prosecute. At least fair warning to the culprits not to repeat their heartless act.

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