The nasty “Motorbike Man” again

Yesterday this very nasty man (a large-built Indian) walked towards me while I was feeding Kinky and Midnight… he smelled of beer… telling me that I have to take this two cats away because they would always sleep on his bike. He keeps mentioning that there are now 6 people feeding these cats. In his opinion they should all be taken to SPCA to be put to sleep! Then he pointed to Sweety…. ah there is another one!

I tried to explain to him that there are less cats now because of sterilisation and that in fact I had taken away several cats and kittens from around his block (Golden Lion, Jasper, Sweet y’s 2 kittens had all been adopted). He also used to complain that Golden Lion would sit on his bike.

He would not use the mothballs and also refused to try using elastic cords to secure the bike cover. Maybe he just enjoys harassing the feeders? Why else would he refuse the moth balls especially since (according to him) he hardly ever uses the bike?

When I mentioned that it often turns out that scratches were actually made by humans… he replied that he would kill anyone who scratched his bike! He also showed me paw prints on the seat… didn’t really see any paw prints. When I pointed out that there were no scratches on the seat he replied that he had replaced it recently.


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0 responses to “The nasty “Motorbike Man” again

  1. A ‘BIG” bully who cowardly harrasses women and cats!Keep this conversation as a record to file police report if any of the cats near his bike are injured!

  2. Will try to get in touch with those other 5 feeders…so they can help watch out for the cats. Luckily my little Jade has moved a bit further away and so has One-eye Ginger. Now need to watch out for Sweety, Midnight and Kinky who are very tame and trusting.

  3. Hi, saw this blog link at another forum. Just wondering if you can tell me the location for a possible friendly talk with this kind man over this issue? Thank you.

  4. Hey thanks for the offer Jasywasy 🙂 A friend of mine already offered to get her Indian friend to talk to him.

  5. Just a small gesture, doing my part to help another kind soul. Don’t mention it. Good to hear there is a mediation.

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