A luxurious home?

It looks more like the cats have been thrown out of their home together with their furniture. This cat tree is actually on the common corridor! Some of these kittens have flue symptoms. The caregiver will apply eye ointment and is also looking for a fosterer.

Previously this family abandoned five cats downstairs – all gingers so obliviously related. These are irresponsible owners letting their cats breed! The caregivers have sterilized the 5 cats and are are feeding them every night, but enough is enough…

They are now ready to report this case to the police, SPCA and write to the papers, STOMP… whatever it takes… let them be shamed!

Maybe there is sad story of family problems behind this… but there is simply no excuse for not sterilizing. We will try to talk to the family tonight to find out more….


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0 responses to “A luxurious home?

  1. this is obscene what they are doing! dumping the mum and her babies on the streets at this crucial fragile time!

  2. Yes please do…report them for abandonment!Time to stop such irresponsible people!

  3. You know what i like about you meowies? You always give people the benefit of the doubt 🙂

  4. So do you 🙂 Sometimes people do terrible things because of terrible situations… we must always try to understand their pain.

  5. SPCA will send an officer to pay this family a visit

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