Muddy released

Had to release him yesterday afternoon to make space for a cat with flu. Muddy is still not back to his old self… walks slowly and eats slowly. Sad to see him like that. He didn’t come running at feeding time last night but at least I found him and he ate some fancy feast. Searched for him twice this afternoon and finally found him sitting at the car park…. he went back into the drain after eating.

Muddy used to sleep in front of a ground-floor unit at *02 now he doesn’t go there anymore. Was he chased away?

Be smart and stay safe, Muddy!!!

Yesterday a feeding auntie called to say that someone saw a black-and-white cat at blk *26 foaming at the mouth and fur all wet… it went into the drain. I searched several times but couldn’t find the cat. Later Jacky was missing at feeding time and also Dirty Harry but he is not a regular…

I feel so useless and helpless… unable to protect them!

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  1. yes i understand your feeling; helpless, useless, wanting to cry yet knowing tears will not solve the problem, frustration yet having to maintain your sanity, wondering how does karma work, wondering if God does indeed exist, analysing on the definition of fair and not fair …….

  2. If only… there was a house with a large piece of land with trees to climb…. a sanctuary… just a dream… sigh!

  3. i hope that dream comes true for us 🙂 Well, dreams do come true! When that dream comes true, i hope you will remember your motivation for that dream.

  4. just created a dream with some friends yesterday…i want to be a beach bum, so a friend and i decided to combine a little drinking place by the beach with a huge cattery behind the drinking place and another friend will stay with us to help out with the shelter and all 🙂

  5. Gonna make it true? 🙂

  6. Mine is just a dream and anyway even a big piece of land would not be able to shelter all…if the root-problems persist! We could need a “Party for the Animals” here!

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