Muddy has a room-mate

This young female is from Area 3 Blk *45. Sylvia caught her this morning and I collected her from the Feeding Aunty in the afternoon. Aunty said that she was very noisy… but so far she seems to be quiet. She will be sterilised tomorrow.

I think Muddy is still constipated…

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0 responses to “Muddy has a room-mate

  1. Try the Centa enema from the Chinese medical hall.

  2. Yes I still have it…. but need help to hold him. He is not that friendly.Will try the Fibrogel today and if it doesn’t work then call Ivy again tomorrow.

  3. Be careful with Fibrogel if he is not taking much fluid. Try lactulose to soften the stool and a bit of Senna to help expel the stool.

  4. Gave the Fibogel yesterday and it worked! Big poo 🙂 I have been syringing him lots of fluid. Muddy has just been released. Any idea where to get the senna and how much to give? The Aunty’s injured mother cat may need it.

  5. Senna is senokot, a plant extract. Human can take up to 6 at one shot. Answer – Chosen by VotersHi Amanda…actually, what has helped with constipation in cats is to use plain pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix). This has plant fibres which is a natural laxative.Senokot-S has been used under strict supervision of a veterinarian for cats who are constipated as a result of other medications used in renal sufficiency:Quoted from the feline CRF website:“Cleo has also had a problem with constipation. Your note on Amphogel alerted me that it could be a problem. She has had a couple of enemas which help for a while, but it seems to be a recurring problem and the cause of her refusal to eat. Her vet suggested one over the counter laxative when bran (she wouldn’t eat it), metamucil (she threw it up), laxatone (the only result of trying to get it into her mouth was very sticky fur) and mineral oil (no effect) didn’t work out. The brand she suggested didn’t work either, but after spending half an hour reading every laxative package in the pharmacy I decided to try Senokot-S. I took it to the vet, she checked it out and said to give it a try. The key was that this has a stool softener! Two days later success. I am also giving her olive oil (1tsp /day) and she seems to actually like it.”Source(s):Animal Trainer to domestic and exotic cats28 year friendship with a veterinarian

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