Beautiful trees … now gone!

A row of mature and healthy-looking trees were cut down… sigh!

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0 responses to “Beautiful trees … now gone!

  1. According to a resident the trees were cut down because of “too many birds”.No wonder that all the trees in front of one particular block were felled while the rest remained. So the birds will now probably just move to the trees in front of the next block…

  2. If what that resident said is true, then this has to be one of the stupidest reasons to justify the cutting down of the trees!

  3. I believe it’s true because the same happened at the little park in front of my block…At one time it was the Myna birds at another time complaints about mosquitoes. Both times a neighbour and myself managed to stop the felling and both problems were solved by other means (workers made some noise to chase the birds for a few days and they never came back, also improvement of drainage was carried out). Sadly destruction of plants and animals seems always to be the first solution….

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