This six-armed Mahakala is an emanation of Avalokiteshvara the Buddha of compassion,

indicating the wrathful and protective qualities of compassion.

“Compassion is not always soft, gentle and supportive… sometimes it requires the fierce and brave heart of a warrior. The enemies of any Buddhist practitioner are the ignorance, narcissism, and mental afflictions in his or her own mind. The successful practitioner utterly destroys these inner enemies.?

From “The Lost Art of COMPASSION? by Lorne Ladner Ph.D.

This book offers ten methods for cultivating compassion. One of them is facing impermanence….

Every meeting will end in parting, every accumulation will be dispersed eventually, and every birth will end in death. In any given moment, everything inside of and around us is changing. Our thoughts and feelings flow on in an unceasing stream of consciousness. The air invisibly swirls around us and rushes into and out of our chests. Subatomic forces interact, electrons spin, molecules collide, and thousands of neurons fire in each blink of our eyes. As our planet spins around a sun that circles the center of a galaxy and flies away from other galaxies, our blood keeps rushing through our veins for as long as our hearts keep pumping.

Direct observation and analysis reveal a world that is made up of utterly impermanent, infinitely complex, interdependent events… And yet , we assume that we exist in a certain way – separate, solid, permanent and real. This illusion is a huge obstacle to compassion.


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