Billy Boy has been released

… but I may have to take him back. He is very scared and already got himself into trouble!

sms from Sylvia at midnight: “Was under car for so long (very scared) came out to eat a bit and think still hiding on roof does not want to come down.”

sms at 1.50am: “Rushed down a while ago to free Billy Boy because he was stuck in the opening of wall and couldn’t free himself. He should be hiding in bush now.”

He must have been scared and trying to squeeze through the gap in the second floor corridor wall which leeds to the roof. The Aunty will look for him tomorrow morning… told her to take him in and call me if he is still so scared.


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0 responses to “Billy Boy has been released

  1. Oh scary Billy Boy.must be lots of bad memory for him.

  2. Billy Boy was last seen by the Aunty very early this morning. We all have been searching but no sight of him. Will go again later around midnight when there are less people around. Hope he is safe… there was a heavy downpour earlier.

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