An Escape Artist

Area 2 Blk. *02 male now called Blaine

Had his carrier tied with cable ties and with string all around like a parcel… and locked him in the bathroom.

Next thing I hear some growling at my front gate… luckily no fighting and I managed to grab him quickly and place him in one of the the blue-and-white carriers. I am not going to use those other flimsy carriers again… they are really not safe!

Hmmm….. any good name for this escape artist?


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0 responses to “An Escape Artist

  1. Ha, how did he escape !?how about Blaine of David Blaine?

  2. Smart guy. I’m playing the theme song from Mission Impossible in my head while reading this.

  3. Blain loosened the string…dislodged one corner of the door and squeezed through. Then he must have banged against the folding door which was secured with small hook…dislodging the hook.

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