The irony….

The next part of the “upgrading” programme! A BURNER!!! Just a few meters from the lift lobby with the “Help Keep Our Air Clean Go Smoke-Free” poster.

The wind usually blows the smoke right into my home… and by the time I notice and close door/windows it’s too late… the flat will be filled with smoke and I will feel nauseous.

So where is my right to clean and smoke-free air in my own home? I believe there are even more toxins in such smoke than in cigarette smoke as the latter does not make me feel nauseous.

Offering something to the ancestors is just a symbolic gesture…so burning a “cheque” (one piece of paper) should suffice or better still one could make a donation and send the merits to the deceased… instead of harming living people and our environment…. sigh!


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  1. Should gather protest from neighbours. Joss papers cause cancer!!

  2. In Taiwan environmental agencies are urging people to use fewer incense sticks and are offering to collect the paper money from households and temples to burn in state incinerators that can treat the exhaust. Against Ghost MoneyEPA officials said that when ghost money is burned, hazardous pollutants, including oxysulfide, nitrogen oxide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, will be released into the atmosphere, causing harm not only to humans but also to the environment.”- Taiwan NewsWe are trying to get as many members as possible to help petition the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enforce the ban on the highly toxic and dangerous burning of ghost money. A capitalist practice that has proven links to causing asthma, leukemia, eye conditions and chronic respiratory infections. We share the world’s atmosphere and should be doing everything we can to stop needless air pollution.What is ghost money? Ghost money actually has no official ties to Buddhism or Taoism. In fact, it goes against the main beliefs of a Buddhist. Ghost money was created by the wife of a paper maker over a hundred years ago to make more money for their family. By preying on the superstitions of the local people, they tricked them into believing that if they did not burn this money, their dead ancestors would be poor and vengeful in the afterlife. Thus, joss money, more commonly known as ghost money was created and a paper maker became a very wealthy man.It is regularly burned by believers to bring them prosperity and appease ghosts of dead ancestors. The money itself is printed with toxic chemicals and metals which are released into the air after burning. This causes everything from birth defects and asthma to leukemia, lung cancer and skin disease.All of this is known by the Taiwanese government but all of the politicians are too scared of a backlash from voters to stop the practice. So the air pollution increases daily and the amount of ghost money burned also continues to increase annually

  3. I was dumbfounded when the 7th month burning continued as usual during the ‘Haze’ period when the air quality was already so bad that the elderly and those suffering from asthma or heart conditions were advised to remain indoors.Not much hope for neighbour support…because it’s a tradition and worse a religious tradition… so the attitude will be “cant be helped!” and in my case only a few units will be badly affected by the smoke…

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