What do vegans eat?

I chew grass!….wheat grass 🙂

…and the cats also like it. They go crazy when I bring out the wheat grass, gathering around me eagerly waiting to be fed…blade by blade…

Of course, I eat lots of other stuff, too.

Here are some good ideas for aspiring vegans:

You don’t even have to eat grass 😉

“Plant Based Nutrition?

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I am asked this question at least once a day by colleagues or friends who are so fascinated with the fact that I am vegan and they also think that I sit around munching on carrots and parsley like a rabbit! When I mention “no dairy, no eggs, no honey” then they are very shocked and completely confused! I of course bring in my vegan meals made by Amy’s and they are like ohhh I didn’t realize this was vegan or that was vegan… it’s funny. If we had a dollar for everytime someone asked us this question we’d be rich!

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