Peaches sick?

Peaches looks weak and listless and is not eating… the third eyelid is showing a little, no visible injury. She was fine yesterday,eating well and playing with the others.

Could it be a virus again or accidentally injured by heavyweight Billy Boy…fell on her or pounced on her? Gave Zihromax and syringe-feeding her. Perhaps will wait until tomorrow and then bring her to the vet if no improvement….


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0 responses to “Peaches sick?

  1. Bulldozer Billy boy. He must be happy being indoor.Hope Peaches just caught a common virus and not a relapse.She must be happy hanging out with the boys too.

  2. Hmmm… Peaches looks perfectly normal today. She ate her Avoderm and chicken breast. It will be hard to release Billy Boy after such a long time…

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