Someone tried to choke Fat-Boy!

This happened at 6am at the little park close to one of my feeding areas.

Sms from Cat Aunty and Cat Uncle:

“Someone tried to choke Fatboy with cable-ties and masking tape. Saved by Pyjama Aunty!”

Could it be school children? The Indian Feeder also mentioned school boys hitting the cats!

Hope the Pyjama Aunty saw the abuser… and is willing to make a police report. Discussed with Penny… we need to take action to either catch the abuser or at least frighten him off! Posters, reward, police report, patrolling…


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0 responses to “Someone tried to choke Fat-Boy!

  1. Might be good to write to the School Principal and cc to the SPCA (eo

  2. Once we know which school…. the Indian feeder seems quite muddled… pointing to the nearby school but then the uniform he described did not match that school’s uniform.

  3. Gosh!the humans are behaving like animals!!Or rather,WORSE than animals!

  4. What a close shave! 6am, lucky Pyjama aunty was around.Need to clamp down these abusers, children or adult.

  5. Pyjama Aunty didn’t see the abuser. Cat Uncle and some others are now patrolling the area. Fat Boy is fine… no injuries.

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