Photos of the paralyzed kitten

The little beauty has found herself a home 🙂

Photos courtesy of adopter:


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0 responses to “Photos of the paralyzed kitten

  1. Awww, wonderful and great for sweetie gal and big-heart adopter.

  2. Wish more kittys be so blessed.

  3. Actually adopter not very sure yet but thinks it’s a “she”. I too, think it must be a girl, looking at the face. She looks so happy now… at the clinic all she wanted was to get out of the cage.

  4. such sweetness..she look so happy n in a new home…oopss is little one a she & he?? but likely is a she….she is extremely lucky little one….THANK YOU ADOPTER for giving this little one a chance to survive and have a HOME……on behalf of all community cat lovers I say thank you & we really appreciate it…

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