More complaints…

This complaint is near Ivy’s area. As I was cat-sitting nearby I went to have a look. Ivy had just given me the block number but it’s usually not hard to find the right staircase and right unit 🙂

Saw a cat go up the stairs and simply followed. There were 3 units on the second floor and it seems that the complaints had come from 2 of the units.

While I spoke with one of the complainants at least 3 or 4 cats walked up and down the stairs. This complainant had installed a metal gate to keep the cats out of his part of the common corridor and to prevent them from defecating in his flowerpots… of course that didn’t work. He even contemplated cementing glass shards on top of the metal gate or getting a bulldog. In the end he was willing to try the mothball and vinegar method.

His upstairs neighbour, an elderly Chinese man, said the cats (7 of them, sterilised and tipped) belong to him. His gate was meshed but left open. He wanted the cats to have their freedom…. and also that they could find herbs to cure themselves when sick. When told about the complaints he said that her would consider keeping the cats indooors.

Ivy will follow up in a few days time.

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0 responses to “More complaints…

  1. Would donation of catnips to the elderly man make him happier to keep his cats in?

  2. Haha !! Catnip to make him happy ? Or catnip to make the cats happy ? ;D

  3. Why catnips?? Me blurrrr…

  4. I guess happy cats = happy human 🙂

  5. Over here, Big M aka pot will make lots of pet owners very happy too 🙂

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