Stitches has flu

Mild so far… just sneezing a lot but still good appetite. One of the Novena Kittens (the female) is now also sneezing and has watery eyes… sigh! I am giving both Lysine as it can reduce de amount of viruses if it’s FHV (herpes virus) but from what I read it could likely be FCV (calicivirus) which is usually the milder form. The symptoms of Chlamydia would be eye infection, red eyes…. so I guess that is out.

Nothing more that I can do except trying not to pass it to the home cats. The 2 boys will probably also get it… Billy Boy may have resistance. I am not too worried as long as they are still eating. Will get some Vapex.

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0 responses to “Stitches has flu

  1. ‘Bless you, Stitches!’..

  2. Stitches is better now but is spread to 2nd Novena Kitten… both kittens not eating.

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