Worst Town Council Poster

This is pretty bad…

But this is much worse !!!

Do Not Feed the Stray Cats

Do you know that…

1. Cats carry diseases which can

cause birth defects?

2. Cat faeces contain eggs of para-

sites which are harmful for


3. Cat bites and scratches

cause us to fall ill?

4. Cats can spread

pneumonia, meningitis

and inflammation of the

bladder, through the

bacteria in its mouth?

Why risk it? Your life and

the lives of your family

members are much more


I went to meet a new cat-sitting client who happens to stay at Ivy’s area. When I mentioned that there is a caregiver in her area she told me about these posters at the Town Council notice board of her block.

I went straight to the TC office… calling Ivy and Penny on the way to join me. TC seem to be agreeable to remove the posters… blaming it on a new staff. Ivy also brought along the Responsible Feeding Poster which she designed.

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0 responses to “Worst Town Council Poster

  1. Good for you!Due to residents speaking out, I am seeing less of such posters that based on grossly exaggerated fear that can result in negative and even abusive attitude towards cats, birds and even caregivers!I think such posters might be more appropriate in human area like a childcare!!!

  2. Ya~ Blaming the “NEW” staff! Guess they gonna use the same excuse about investing OUR S$16 million in troubled structured products!

  3. Checked the notice boards yesterday. 3 blocks now had Ivy’s “Responsible Feeding” Poster next to the one telling people not to feed stray cats and birds. Only the 2nd poster was removed. Didn’t they notice that the two messages contradict each other? About 20 blocks had the two offensive posters pasted next to the lift doors instead. I wonder if some people pasted them there without authorization. Anyway I helped to remove them all 🙂

  4. Good for you! Sometimes the ignorance just leaves me speechless.

  5. Can you post a photo of Ivy’s Responsible Feeding poster?

  6. It shouldn’t be “banning”..like banning cats in hdb, banning a a breed of dogs (esp aft d Rottweil and husky incidence)..It’s about educating the general public..

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