Pebbles is gone…

Rest in Peace dear Pebbles!

Saw Pebbles yesterday morning and felt that she was weak… The vet called in the late afternoon but by the time I reached the clinic she was already gone.

They had given her oxygen… but then her heart stopped. There must have been more internal injuries.

Penny helped to bury her at midnight… near Old Ginger’s resting place.

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0 responses to “Pebbles is gone…

  1. Dear Pebbles, Rest In Peace.

  2. Pebbles had wonderful experience of loving-kindness and compassion. That was the best gift given on her new journey of adventures. She is now in the bardos state and your love will guide her to being born a human who will never hurt even a fly.

  3. Rest in peace, dearest Pebbles, we all love you!

  4. Missing Pebbles… but glad that Maxiejane visited her that afternoon.

  5. Pebbles wasn’t suffering on her last day as I was observing her for almost an hour. She was comfortable and alert when we touched and called her. I think she had heard what the vet explained about her condition and had chosen her wish so dear meowies, please do not take it so hard on yourself. It’s also her wish that you should take care so that more of her ‘meows’ friends can benefit from it.

  6. Dear sweet, beautiful pebbles; your life here is done. Move on to a better rebirth and may the love you received conditioned you to remember kindness and compassion for all the animal beings. Meowies, take care; don’t be sad anymore. We will never know how she sustained her injuries but we can know she knows she is special and she is loved.

  7. May you find peace and solace in your new begining, farewell till we meet again.

  8. Our pebbles is gone???? =( Sad.. Sweetest cat ever… sigh.

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