Pebbles is better… there is hope

Pebbles’ face still looks terrible and the vet said that her jaw is loose which probably means fractured, but she is alert and can walk. she kept purring and kneeding and wanting to be stroked.

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0 responses to “Pebbles is better… there is hope

  1. Oh no Pebbles, which evil hurts you like this!Please get well soon.

  2. Silver lining in this tragic experience is receiving so much loving-kindness now.

  3. Get well soon pebble fight like lucy, she is healed so will you, dont give up girl.

  4. Thanks all! I think she will fight like Lucy… Pebbles looked a bit lethargic yesterday night but the technician said she was ok. She still can’t eat any food…how can she get enough nourishment just from drip?

  5. A feeder told about 3 school boys hitting cats with a stick quite nearby my area..usually in the afternoon. Will have to patrol when I can and also put up more posters to cover this area. Asked him to look closely at the uniform to identify which school they are from.

  6. Oh dear, you are right, please discuss with vet. Lucy was on feeding tube for a while. I hope the vet wont think too long to consider this option. By this speed, her body fats wont last her for long… poor baby.

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