Pebbles badly injured

Maxiejane found the injured Pebbles and brought her to the vet. At first I thought it was Benny and even when I saw her at the clinic it took me a while to realize that it was actually Pebbles.

The vet said that her temperature was very low and he doesn’t think that she will make it. Pebbles was given a hot-water bottle and put on drip (receiving pain medication)… The vet called at 8pm to say that the drip was set up and her temperature went up a little.

Will see Pebbles in the morning when the clinic opens…

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0 responses to “Pebbles badly injured

  1. So sad!! I hope she pulls through… any idea what happened to her? Poor thing!

  2. Dedicated positive energy to Pebbles after the morning meditation. May she be free of sufferings.Her good “fortune” to be found by Maxiejane and now receiving the best of care and love.

  3. If she is where i think she is :); rest assured i know she will be well taken care of. i was so touched by Dr. Kenneth care and concern for Beauty when he attended to her at AMK. i never have a vet that called me twice per day to update on a warded ‘stray’ cat and i hope his dedication and care towards these special beings will continue now that he has his own clinic.

  4. Thanks Maxiejane for finding her. Poor Pebbles! May she be free of sufferings soon 😦

  5. I cannot stop worrying that this might be the work of the cat-killer in Yishun. In the last ten days, two cats died with quite similar injuries but we took it as they were knocked down by cars, one cat is missing and now Pebbles. These cats are all from the same area. Let’s hope hard that my worry is unnecessary.

  6. Would it help if a police report is made based on suspicion and then put up posters offering rewards on the serial killer/s. This may act as a deterrent.

  7. I think the police will not accept cases if there’s no solid proof. Helga has advised the other lady to put up posters and I think this has made the culprit to migrate to elsewhere and there’s also the reason that I’m worried that he has chosen my area. Let’s be alert and see anything will happen in the next two weeks.

  8. Posters will go up soon! I have already drafted and send to another caregiver to help me print as my printer is not working. Animal abuse and hit-and-run are both crimes!Marydrolma, Yes… he is a very caring vet! 🙂

  9. As if cancer wasn’t enough for Pebbles.. I cant believe that on top of that, she got so badly injured and has passed away.. Its so unfair..She was the sweetest cat with the the most loving soul.. I thought she would pass away peacefully after a few months or years when the cancer kicked in.. but now she’s gone.

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