(AU) RSPCA reformers push vegan diets

A RADICAL push has been staged within the RSPCA to endorse vegan diets
as the best way to prevent cruelty to farmed animals.
One of the supporters of the push has been elected to the board of the
RSPCA SA branch and will stand for the presidency.

A motion to the taxpayer-assisted body’s annual general meeting on
Wednesday called for it to adopt a range of controversial policies,

RECOGNISING egg, milk and chicken, pig and rabbit meat production
“inflicts high levels of physical and psychological suffering on tens
of millions of animals each year”.

ACKNOWLEDGING a vegetarian or vegan diet was “the most effective way
to significantly reduce cruelty to animals farmed for meat, eggs and

ASKING RSPCA members to consider changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Vegan diets exclude any animal product, including dairy food.

The motion was put by a “reformer” – one of a group within the RSCPA
that aims to make the organisation more proactive on animal rights.

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0 responses to “(AU) RSPCA reformers push vegan diets

  1. Funny you post this, just recently one of my local girlfriends has introduced me to Buddhism which I have found so fascinating. I kinda knew the basics but it is such an interesting way of life… with that said, I am also seriously considering becoming a vegan. I have been thinking about it for quite some time but my recent Buddhist studies are confirming that I can not eat meat or animal products without feeling guilt as a serious animal lover… I’ve already given up beef, slowly I think I will give up all other meat. So much healthier as well! Go Vegans!

  2. Great! There are really good substitutes for meat and cheese… especially those from USA, to make the change easier. Let me know if you need any advise. You can also join in the forum of the Singapore Vegetarian Society http://www.vegetarian-society.org/

  3. Thanks!! I’ve found lots of recipes online that look just fantastic and lucky for me, I love tofu and veggie burgers and vegetables and soy milk! I can pick up some vegan cook books and since I love to cook, eating vegan I think is going to be easier than I expect. I hope to have made the transition completely in a few weeks… I was reading that doing it slowly is the easiest way to stick to it. Beef and pork are already off the menu, poultry is next! I have been thinking about this for quite some time but my Buddhist studies have confirmed that this is the right way to live, Vegan is the best way to go! I have to start transitioning more fruit into my diet, I’m not the biggest fruit eater.. I love vegetables but struggle with fruit, slow and steady! Thanks for offering advice… you know me, I’m sure I will be sending you emails with questions! :o)

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