MIA… missing again!

Received sms from the guardian and posters went up again in the neighbourhood. The windows were not properly meshed up to the top.

I am very upset… she was popular and could have gone to a better home.

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0 responses to “MIA… missing again!

  1. I will go crazy if it’s my adopted cat!

  2. And she is not sterilised yet! Hope she is found soon.

  3. Awww I hope she is found soon. She’s so adorable!

  4. Mia (Marra) is probably around 5 month old now… maybe she was on heat and will give birth in a drain… thanks to the careless guardian. I would not have returned her if she was adopted from me… but in this case I felt that I had to return her if it seems to be a reasonably good home… and of course he promised to mesh windows and get her steriliised.

  5. Noisy (unsterilised) Joe from the same block is also missing.

  6. Saw Noisy Joe this morning(6am), Mia is not with him.

  7. Oh… did she go back to the same family?? If she did, what a shame because they have another cat that can escape… if she hasn’t then that’s fantastic and I hope her and Manja are super happy together!

  8. Just happened to see the photo… seems they found her (same pic same name)…. and I read the older posts… he let his previous cat get pregnant 😦

  9. Oh terrible! Well we can only pray that she will be well!

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