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Bumboo missing

Little Bumboo has not been seen since yesterday morning afte the rainstorm.

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The real Noisy Joe

Noisy Joe and Alex are really quite look-alike. He must have been in a fight… there is a wound at the tail and a bald patch at the back

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HDB will not build “Cat Cafes”

A big ThankYou to Mr Siew Kum Hong (NMP) for speaking up for the cats in Parliament!

Mumcat25 Salina:

Received an email from a catlover, Ms Y, an article from Berita Harian Malay Paper on Mr Mah Bow Tan (Minister, MND) reply to Mr Siew Kum Hong (NMP) during Parliament on Cat Cafes. Did a simple translation which I hope you all can understand. (sorry if not good enough).

English Version

Date: 26 August 2008
Article from Berita Harian during Parliament


Housing & Development Board (HDB) will not build ‚Äúcat cafes‚Ä? or feeding areas for community cats where caregivers / feeders can feed them.

Explaining why in his written reply, Minister Mr Mah Bow Tan, Ministry of National Development (MND), mentioned that this is to make sure cleanliness and health matters is taken care of at the all HDB estates
In answering question from Mr Siew Kum Hong (Nominated Member Parliament), Mr Mah said that even though there are cat lovers around, there are also people who are more sensitive prone to problems arises from stray cats.
According to Mr Mah, every year HDB received approximately 530 complains on cats from the residents

P/S: By the way, Mr Siew Kum Hong (Nominated Member Parliament) is Director, Keystone Law Corporation. You can see his profile in the website.

I have also included the malay version of the Original BT News

Malay Version

Tarikh: Selasa, 26 Ogos 2008
Sumber: akhbar Berita Harian

Ruangan: Ringkas Parlimen

HDB tidak akan bina ‚Äúkafe kucing‚Ä?
LEMBAGA Perumahan dan Pembangunan (HDB) tidak akan membina ‚Äėkafe-kafe kucing‚Äô atau tempat khusus di mana kucing dapat diberi makan oleh orang ramai.
Menerangkan demikian dalam satu jawapan bertulis, Menteri Pembangunan Negara, Encik Mah Bow Tan, berkata ini adalah untuk memastikan kebersihan dan kesihatan terjaga di estet-estet HDB.
Dalam menjawab soalan yang diajukan Encik Siew Kum Hong (Anggota Parlimen Dilantik), Encik Mah berkata walaupun adanya pecinta kucing, terdapat juga mereka yang lebih sensitif kepada masalah yang ditimbulkan kucing-kucing liar.
Menurut beliau, setiap tahun HDB menerima sekitar 530 aduan mengenai kucing daripada para penduduk.

Link di Cyberita Online –,3617,125513,00.html

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Alex trapped for sterilisation

Newcomer at Blk *23 Area 1

Intended to trap Noisy Joe and only realised that I had the wrong cat when Maxiejane saw Joe in the morning. This must be another new one… sigh!

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More Cleanup & Update

From Babywail’s blog:

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Holly Boy

Holly, a newcomer at *28 Area 1, trapped for sterilisation.

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Hoarder update

8 more cats were rescued and sent to the vet today for sterilisation and also vaccination.

All the cats will be vaccinated before being returned so that they can be quickly transferred to a boarding facility if the need arises… Kittens will not be returned!

Seems the old Lady had a change of heart. She asked the volunteers to bring the two female cats that she ties up to the vet for sterilisation next week.

She was also happy to have the earlier batch safely returned to her and thanked the volunteers for their help.

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