Floppy missing..

… since last Monday or Tuesday.

Town Council offier says there was no complaint. Cleaner says TC officer told him there was a complaint about Floppy a week ago and he believes that floppy was removed.

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  1. 5 concerned residents went to TC this morning. Auntie crying… saying she wants to take Floppy in if found. We also spoke to cleaner and supervisor… The cleaner said they “only shoo the cat never catch”The TC Manager said they had a contact number for cat problems (CWS?) but no one answered the phone. They will call me directly from now on.All this happened because of one recalcitrant feeder who refuses to stop feeding upstairs despite our many pleas not to endanger Floppy’s life.One of the residents is going to put up posters.

  2. Floppy must be feeling lost and frightened if she was being relocated.

  3. Hopefully the complainant will feel some remorse seeing the posters and tc officers are getting pretty good reputation at being liars!

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