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These kitties need your help

Whitty, the Siamese-x kitten, needs to start acupuncture treatment which is quite costly

See Eslina’s blog:

TC has already received 3 acupuncture sessions and is responding well

Read about Orange Boy who made a miraculous recovery after only 4 sessions of acupuncture:

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Lunch at Pasir Panjang

Nice vegetarian meehoon from a non-vegetarian stall

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A much-loved black-and-white

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July 17, 2008 · 7:46 am

Charles has finally found a home

Charles was adopted by an expat couple with existing cat and meshed windows.They could look beyond the colour to see the beautiful kitten he is. In fact they were looking for a cat that was difficult to adopt. I am so happy for him and I hope that the two cats will get along well.

Snowy and Ocean will go to their new home on Sunday. Ocean is actually not a kitten… I was mistaken because of his small size… but the family didn’t mind that. Ocean reminds them of their previous cat who passed away due to cancer.

I have a feeling that Ocean was abused by his former owner…by being kept in a small cage. He had behavioral problems when I first took him in. Ocean would stay on top of the cage and also urinate and defecate there on the newspaper. He was not afraid of the other cats but just not used to run around and play.

Now he is playing with the others, running… chasing… and using the litter tray. What a transformation! I am so glad that he found a good home and also will have Snowy for company.

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Nick’s second acupuncture session

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Update on the 6 hospitalized kittens

2 month old kitten

1 month old kittens

3 of the younger kittens rescued from the hoarder have recovered and are now in Penny’s care the rest are still hospitalized.

The pregnant female has been sterilised and is now with Penny. She is not going to return her to that horrible place.

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Tabby Girl for adoption

This 3 months old kitten is for adoption

For enquiries call Penny at 98556410

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