Mother with 3 Kittens

3 tiny kittens were dumped at a bin center. A domestic helper witnessed it and informed the caregiver. When we arrived she told us that the kittens were now back with their mother. After the older son of the family who dislikes cats had thrown them out his 12-year-old sister went to take them back. However, the mother and kitten are not allowed into the flat the reason being that a family member has asthma. So their home is a litter box outside the flat.

Hope that the kittens can find real homes before they will be abandoned again or removed from the corridor. They have a very unique colour, an unusual kind of dark grey with tabby markings. All have long straight tails. The kittens are 4 weeks old.

Photos taken with my brand new camera! Thank you Maxiejane 🙂

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0 responses to “Mother with 3 Kittens

  1. I am await at 4am with a “new” cat at my doorstep!Great to see well focused photos.If not for fear of the what’s gonna happened to the cat family, this can be a firmed case of abandonment!

  2. These cats are not safe with this family, and the poor innocent kittens; i hope the whole family find a ‘REAL’ home soon, filled with love and care.

  3. Long story… stray gave birth in family’s home. They let them stay for a week …then the girl passes them to a friend staying a few blocks away…and this is where they are now. Would be great if the mother could also find a home. She is a lovely young cat…

  4. hi are the kittens all black or more to greyish black?many thanks

  5. They are dark grey with tabby pattern, quite a rare colour.

  6. Cute kitties.May mom and babies find good homes soon.

  7. Likely they will slowly change to Silver Tabby. I found one about the same colour couple of months back and now the little fella’s silver colour is showing from the under tone. Vet say he will not be a completely black cat.

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