Complaint at Block *33

There was a complaint about defecation on the common corridor. Bought vinegar and mothballs and met with Penny to check it out. We spoke to the residents, a cleaner, a feeder and a caregiver.

As suspected, the cause of the defecation is a free-roaming home cat. The owner denies it saying that the community cats come up to fight with her cat. But in any case keeping their cat in the house would solve the problem of the community cats coming up. According to the cleaner there is no defecation on any of the other staircases or at the void deck, just this one staircase which serves two units on each floor. the defecation is always on the 2nd or 3rd floor.

We cleaned the poo and the complainant was eager to try the mothballs and vinegar. She even asked us to place more mothballs near the neighbours door… she will explain to them. She will also call us if the problem persists.

We saw quite a number of tipped ears while waiting for the feeders. There are responsible feeders and caregivers in this area.

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  1. Well done.In the past, the town council officer won’t bother to speak to the complainant and will just get the pest controller to remove all the downstairs cats!

  2. I came to know the caregiver in the area and with the help of another caregiver two more cats were sterilised yesterday (one of them being the No. 2 Big Head).

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