Update on Panda and a new abandonee

Panda has good appetite and seems content to have a place to rest. He let’s me rub his good ear but there is still some hissing and hitting me (with soft paws). The lump and big open wound (x-shape cut) is on his left side of the face. The feeder called today to ask about Panda.

Penny’s three-and-a-half-legs cat is dehydrated and refuses food – refusing to be syringed… he will have to go back to the vet tomorrow.

The TC officer in charge of Blk *03 Area 2 called to inform me that they caught a little white kitten at the 2nd floor “small… but can run”. Went down with Penny and there was a not so small 4 months old white Siamese kitten in the trap. however, Penny agreed to foster him…as he is is really beautiful and may have a chance to be adopted. He was so hungry… gobbled up a whole can and some dry food after we had transferred him into the carrier.

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0 responses to “Update on Panda and a new abandonee

  1. TC officer laid a trap?When will the TC, RC AND the HDB section work together to arrest this “disease” of abandonment! ?

  2. It seems that the kitten ran into someones flat and they called the TC…the officer followed their usual routine and then remembered… and called me. We told the cleaner to take photos and call us if he ever witnesses abandonment.

  3. Sorry, Ranztan, deleted your reply. Yes, he is from that area.

  4. Panda does have the shade pattern of a panda.May all sick kitties recover well.

  5. Penny’s three-and-a-half leg cat passed away today. The feeder went to the clinic to see the body… He has been buried next to her black kidney-failure cat. Hope the feeder has learned her lesson to take better care of the cats she feeds… not waiting until they are dying and then call Penny.

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