Sister of Marmalade Boy found

This little frisky fellow just wouldn’t keep still for a second…

all the other shots were a total blur.

Alice is really very cute! Purring away like a motor! The Auntie found her at blk *11 while feeding Sophus yesterday night. She said the kitten kept following her and then she carried her accross the road to Billy Boy’s place. Sylvia carried her to *30 where Mohan was trying (unsucessfully) to trap the Romeo.

Romeo had recovered from his previous injury but has now a big wound at the side of his face. He is still eating well so Mohan advised Juliana to get some medication to mix into his food.

Mohan then dropped the kitten off at my place on his way home. Beauty had just been released today, so I put her in the bathroom rather than on the balcony with Jade. Ivy’s will be taking her soon, because Penny has no more space left as she just took in a mother cat with 4 tiny kittens. She had a tippoff that pest control was trapping at *38 (which is an area where there is no caregiver) then she found out that actually this cat and her kittens outside a flat on the upper floor of *37 were the target.

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  1. Good to read that Marmalade’s sister was found.

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