Babu cat-napped again?

Sylvia came to know who took Babu. They are students from China staying at a nearby block. They said that they had to return to China for 3 months and didn’t know what to do so they released him back to where they took him.

Now it seem they have taken him again… with the Auntie’s approval. Hope Sylvia and myself can talk to them to find out what they plan to do with Babu when they return to China….

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  1. China students getting a not-so-good reputation amongst rescuers. There was significant number of the shirking their responsibilities even when they return home for a short holiday! I think it is best to talk to them and warn them of the crime of abandonment! Hopefully they are just ignorant and not aware of boarding facilities but I doubt so.

  2. Sylvia will ask to let her visit Babu the next time she meets them.

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