Jade has not been eating for 3 days

I took in the Mother of Sparkle & Twinkle today, to be sterilised tomorrow, then I went back to get Jade. I just hope that this time the flu will not spread to my home cats! Jade walked very slowly and did not touch the Fancy Feast that I offered her. I just had to take her in to make sure she gets well… she has become one of my favourites.

Jade is on the balcony now and the mother cat will have to stay in a cage in the bathroom until she can be released. Jade has lost much weight and has very watery eyes. I gave her antihistamine and syringed her with Nutri-plus and food and lots of liquid. She is a good girl now, no more biting 🙂

I just bought the antihistamine today to keep sfor cats with flu and running nose, on advise of another caregiver. She said the vet charged her $1,- for each tablet…at the pharmacy you get 50 pcs for $1.50.

Sweety, Mother of Sparkle & Twinkle, has the same sweet face as her babies. She herself is only about 6 to 7 months old. She wouldn’t keep still for me to take a nice photo…

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  1. Could it be that Jade could not smell the food? What my last vet taught me was to get Vapex (from pharmacy) and mix it with some hot water, put the cat in a carrier or confined area. Get a big towel that can covers the whole carrier leaving some space for the Vapex solution bowl so the vapour could flow. This will help clear any blockages. Got to do this a few times a day. Do be careful how many droplets you drop in. The more you drop in the stronger it will smell and might stink Jade’s eyes. I cant recall how many droplets maybe you like to start with 3 and mixed it with hot water and test it out.

  2. Yes, Sweety looks adorable, just like her kittens, beautiful girl. Hope your dear Jade will get well soon.

  3. Thanks maovellous, will look for the Vapex…the poor Jade is still not eating on her own, probably because of blocked nose, but she is quite easy to syringe-feed.

  4. Jade is worse now, she will foam out most of what I am trying to syringe-feed her. Penny passed me some Llysine and I will get the Vapex later…hope don’t have to hospitalize her.

  5. Could she be more than flu?

  6. Hope not…I think one of the signs of FIP is bloated stomach, which she doesn’t have. She is taking (force-feeding) more food now. I give her Liver-Chicken Feast diluted with chicken broth now, as she takes this more readily. I am not giving her the antihistamine and vit B …she really hates the taste. I also placed a tissue with some Vapex at the top of the cage near where she likes to rest in the hammock. I am always reluctant to see the vet because most of the time the are also unable to diagnose…unless she is getting worse of course. She passes urine about twice day and it was a little lighter in colour today. The Vibravet should also help with the urinary infection.

  7. Jade ate a little wet food on her own today… and she seems to feel better…she did some grooming.

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