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Timmy, Tommy & Tummy

Timmy & Tummy Tommy



Tummy looks so much smaller than his two brothers now. Just last week he was the one with the biggest tummy…

Brought him to see the vet this morning. He had a very high fever but I did not want to hospitalize him. As long as he can swallow and keep the food down I will try home-care. He is still very dehydrated. The vet mentioned that it could be FIP… but it’s very unlikely because he was not unwell at all the day before he disappeared.

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Tummy walked slowly towards me…

…after being lost for 6 days. He looks sick, malnourished and dehydrated. He just looked at the plate of food and then vomited yellow-greenish liquid. I have been syringing him with Nutri-gel, food and water…so far he didn’t throw up again. No visible injuries.

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Timmy & Tommy sterilised

Thought I could leave the two kittens together in the big cage on the balcony…but Zhima was visibly stressed. They are now in separate small cages stacked up in the bathroom…for 2 days only.

Zhima is a reminder for me to slow down and even more so Ashley, who has started spraying! If there are too many new cats coming and going our own cats get stressed…even though I keep them separate.

Juliana finally agreed to bring Mimi herself for sterilisation next week and the remaining 2 vouchers went to another caregiver. So I am done with sterilising for this year…but will be busy with cat-sitting jobs from next week onwards.

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Another failed attempt to help Romeo

Romeo is suffering badly but won’t let us help him…

The SPCA came down twice but failed. He can still run when he sees the men with the ‘sticks’ approaching.

Now there is the smell of infected wound. The feeders suspect that he was abused by some one…there was a cat fight with loud screaming on that day. Maybe someone hit him or threw something at him? I don’t think that he could have been so badly injured by a cat fight.

Mohan tried to get him today but Romeo went into the big drain. Mohan suggested that we try using the trap tomorrow but not much hope of success… he is too smart.

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A Season of Suffering…

It’s the Season of Suffering…

For all those beings who end up as part of a festive meal

For the cats and dogs discarded like old furniture

For the homeless trying to keep warm at some void deck

hoping for a kind soul to offer a meal

For the cats and kittens seeking shelter in the drains

which turn into death-traps during heavy rains

For the caregivers worrying about their community cats

…it is indeed a cold and chilling season!

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Tummy missing after the rain…

There was a very heavy downpour yesterday. Was he caught in the drain and swept away? I am still hoping that he will be back today. The 3 kittens were always together.

Romeo had survived the rain and is hiding under a car. Juliana called SPCA again to help catch him…so that she can bring him to the vet.

Penny rescued an injured kitten…one of the legs had to be amputated…no photo yet. The kitten is now in foster care.

Nushi had blood in her urine this morning. Luckily she is bathroom-trained! Would be hard to notice the blood in the litter box as the wet paper pellets turn very dark grey….. I have boiled the gold coin grass for her and will wait and see if it helps.

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Long awaited ‘snack’

Finally some grass for the cats!

Zhima is more friendly today, I get whacked with soft paws instead of claws 🙂

Another newcomer has been sterilised today. Midnight has the soft and shiny coat of an indoor cat…but he was very hungry when I first saw him. He ran up to Beany and Kinky to join in the meal even though they are much bigger than him. Luckily both of them didn’t mind…

This photo doesn’t do him justice. Midnight is a beautiful young cat with long straight tail. He is very friendly towards humans and other cats.

Midnight’s ear has a very shallow cut…quite difficult to notice it. Must remember to ask for a more prominent tipped ear for black cats in future. Midnight has a kink in his tail about 5cm from the tip. The kink is not very obvious. He has some while hairs at the throat area and 2 more little patches of white on his belly.

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