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Friendship Rekindled

Photo and video update from their guardian

Together again

Silver & Genie holding tails 🙂

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Benny lost at *25 area 2 found at *28 area 1

Benny appeared at *25 area 2 early September and I had him sterilised…he disappeared 6 days ago.
Yesterday night, while feeding at *28 in area 1, a new cat suddenly came towards me and went rubbing around my legs. A tipped-ear and he looked familiar. I went home to check the photo and confirmed that this was Benny. Caught and dumped for sure… He had a small but deep wound at his hind leg and a puncture at one of his front paws…I applied the powder. R feels strongly that I should return him, as there are already too many cats in this area. She is right, of course, and I came back for him at midnight, after my feeding… but I just couldn’t do it. Sacrificing one to save many? He came running when I called him…he is so trusting and friendly…a sitting duck…how can I send him back there to be caught again and maybe lend up at AVA the next time. I just have no right to do that! He is friendly with other cats, too… sniffed nose to nose with Pebbles and Snoopy.

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Breakfast with Donna

A little too close for comfort?

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Good Morning Greyee Boy!

Read about Greyee-Boy here:

Some photos for the die-hard fans of Greyee Boy…

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Talking about irresponsible owners…

Received an sms from Fizah last month…she wants her 2 “Persians” to be sterilised. I said she would have to wait until next month and asked her how the mother cat and the kittens were. No reply!

Then a few days ago I went up with the intention of getting the kittens sterilised. They were no longer around…She told me they were given to her cousin.

Cinderella looked well…so hopefully they will not dump her…or give to the cousin.

The two Persians (females) will be done on Monday. Will just lend her the carriers and she will then bring them on her own.

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And another Irresponsible owner….

Is Dark Pearl really in good hands? Now I wonder….

Dark Pearl (male) was adopted in early June and I did not see any need to visit because the photos and emails seemed to indicate that he is much loved and happy in his new home and having a female companion.

The adopter signed a contract, the terms of which include that the cat be sterilised at age of 6 month (which would be Sept ’07) and also visiting rights.

I advised her to get her other (female) cat sterilised first and I believe she has done so. However when it was time for Dark Pearl she came up with many excuses…including that she herself is pregnant so she cant bring him to the vet, her vet charges are expensive, waiting for her salary to come in, the vet advised to have him sterilised at age of 10 month and etc…

Of course I did offer to pick him up and do everything for her free of charge…but I was told to mind my on business.

In the end she said that she would sterilize him mid November. I waited another month…

Then no reply to my sms yesterday (asking whether he has been done), so I told her that I wish to visit him next week.

This is the reply I received:

“Had already send Fifi for sterilization! End of conversation n stop disturbing me! This will be your last warning! I mean it this time!�

I have my doubts so I told her that I insist to see for myself.

To which she rudely replied:


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Kitten fell from 6th floor

The “owner” came down with her grandson but refused to do anything for the kitten as it was “just a cat!”. Maxijane and myself were going to bring it to the vet …but then it died quickly, did not suffer long. We will bury the kitten later. The little grey tabby was no more than 3 months old.

Rest in peace little kitten…

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