A slightly blur Greyee-Boy

Greyee Boy enjoying the view….thinking of his home place? I offer him the dry food in paper bowls the way he is used to. He finished only half his food (Avoderm wet food mixed with Fussy Cat tuna) this morning. Randie came to help change the bandage and brought freshly cooked fish and liver for him but he didn’t eat it, so I syringed him with the ‘soup’. I had applied neem oil on both Greyee and Donna yesterday so they are a bit grouchy. Hope his appetite will pick up later….

Maxijane, Randie and myself discussed about leaving the wound open… but not very sure if this is a good idea? Getting the bandaging right is really an art… too tight the foot will swell…too loose the gauze will will not stay on the wound.

I had a look at the Active Manuka Honey today, as it has many uses. Saw it at Nature’s Farm for between $69.- and 118.- a jar. Hmm…I think I will stick with with the liver-flavoured liquid toothpaste for cleaning the cat’s teeth and gums for the time being.

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  1. I can imagine the amount of effort in caring for Greyee-Boy. He is indeed a “lucky” fella.Nowadays I don’t stop by Greyee’s area but went right to work in the morning and I did wonder if he will ever return to his “home”.Hopefully it was the antibiotic that ruined his appetite. It happens in human :)Will he lick the wound if exposed? Honey would be useful if the wound were to be exposed. Exposure will also prevent the growth of anaerobic bacteria.

  2. I have some Active 5 Manuka honey, if you like to try it. Let me know & we can figure a way how I can pass it to you.

  3. Thanks Cat, maybe at a later stage…. I am not confident trying on exposed wound as it could cause dirt, fibers maybe even litter pellets to stick to the wound… will attract flies, ants??? I have applied the antibiotic powder and will observe. If the wound looks wet I will bandage again.

  4. Actually a few “sterile” maggots will help to eat up the dead tissues to allow healthy tissue to grow 🙂

  5. Discussed this option already with Randie 🙂 Don’t think they have the experts here to do it….

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