Stitches has been found!

Old pic of stitches

Someone told CWS that they saw Babu at Phyllis’ cattery.

When I visited today, I could not find Babu. Mei Mei pointed at the fat whitish cat sitting on a chair, saying that was Babu…

That was my Stitches!!! He went missing 6 months ago and Phyllis rescued him about 4 months ago. She told me that he was thin and sick and full of fleas at that time… he must have suffered a lot during that 2 months. I suspect that he had been caught by Pest Control and dumped in another area…

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0 responses to “Stitches has been found!

  1. Poor Stitches! must have suffered a lot due to the idiotic act of the pest controls.

  2. i am glad you have been reunited with Stitches, let’s hope Babu will be next.

  3. Such a happy reunion :-] … hope u get to find Babu and the others too…

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