All the 4 cats from Blk *20 area 2 are gone!

Four young cats, Spicy Girl, Bobby, Sporty and Spot were abandoned at blk *20 in June. They were sterilised in July.

Sporty disappeared about 3 weeks ago. Then Spicy, Bobby and Spot went missing last Saturday. TC said there were no complaints and they did not remove any cats. The cats did not turn up at AVA. I fear that those residents called in the Pest Control again…

Who will be next? Beany, Kinky, Jade, Jake, Sore Throat, Sophus, Little Grey, Steel, Doppelganger, Bunny??? All the cats from blk *09 to *24 area 2 are in great danger and there is nothing I can do…

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0 responses to “All the 4 cats from Blk *20 area 2 are gone!

  1. Oh no, i hope these little ones are ok somehow…. Why do people have no respect for other lives at all?

  2. Oh dear, this is bad.But don’t all pest controls have to surrender their catchs to AVA ultimately, no?

  3. AVA won’t accept unless authorized by TC. SPCA also will not accept tipped-ears… so the pest controllers usually just dump them somewhere else. No way to find the cats….

  4. Is the RC involved?Any witness to the act?Is the estate’s contract cleaning company acting as pest controller too?Would talking to the cleaners, especially those who might like cats, be able to shade some light?If there is any evidence that the pest controllers displace or kill the cats on their own, it is an offence and an official complaint may be lodged with the AVA.

  5. I had spoken to the RC chairman before….he said that they would inform TC if there was a problem/complaint.Have put up several posters at this block but so far no response.

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