Lucky went missing

Lucky has been missing for almost a week now…

Now there are only 2 cats left at blk *78 area 3. First the Orange-white tipped ear went missing, then Fury and now Lucky. Sylvia has lost another 3 sterilised cats at around *72. We suspect that someone removed the cats.

With all my cats gone…I have decided to give up on the area under this RC. Sylvia will still continue to feed Anna’s cats ET and TT on alternate days.

Plenty of new cats been dumped in other areas! A tabby-white 5 to 6 months old female kitten appeared a few days ago. Noticed yesterday that she has diarrhoea and gave her ¼ charcoal tablet. A 6 to 7 months old chocolate-white boy was abandoned about a week ago at the same area…. 2 new adult cats at another area, one of them was already tipped. The chocolate boy is very cute, will try to get him adopted after sterilisation.

So much sorrow…and add to that an adopter who turned very nasty when I insist that the now 6-month-old kitten needs to be sterilised. I even offered to pick him up and do everything for her after I realized her reluctance and was given many excuses…even telling me the vet advised her to have him sterilised at the age of 8 to 10 months. Now, she says that she will do him next month and again told me that he is now her cat and to mind my own business. Yes, she did sign the adoption contract agreeing to have the kitten sterilised at the age of 6 months.

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  1. I really admire your patience, Helga. I guess some people just don’t realize the urgency or the importance of having the cats sterilized. I don’t understand the reluctance and I feel the frustration already… I hope Lucky, Fury and Orange can still be found soon…

  2. So sorry to hear of the missing cats, i know the feeling’s terrible… but take heart, u never know when good things will suddenly happen again. And don’t let that nasty adopter bully u, persist until she sterilises her kitten!

  3. I just received a complaint of too many cats in that neighbourhood.

  4. Sometimes, i really wonder how do people quantify as “too many cats”? 10, 20 or 50? Just had the same problem in a neighbourhood near mine and trying to sort out… but never say die !

  5. All it needs is one cat and a phobic person to complain….

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