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Fury missing

Fury went missing on Wednesday and did not turn up at SPCA or AVA. She was still eating well on Tuesday but has lost much weight…. I guess the tumor was cancerous and had spread to other organs. Hope she is not suffering wherever she is. She had become quite sweet-tempered after her illness and I would always stroke her and lift her up so that I would be able to put her into the carrier when she gets ill again.

So much for plans and expectations…

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Ajahn Brahm’s talk NO EXPECTATIONS

Ajahn Brahm reminds us to love with no expectations!

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When I spoke with the complainant it turned out that actually she had no problems with the community cats at her block. She had complained about her neighbour’s cats… one of them ran into her flat once…but then she also wanted to drop the matter as she and the neighbour are on good terms.

I had talked to that family before about getting their 4 cats sterilised some time ago…but they were still not done. The cats are well taken care of, no feeding on the corridor, no smell no defecation. Will help them to get the female sterilised next week using my last voucher.

From what I noticed, the cats stay mostly indoors even though the door is open. The family agreed to put back the wire mesh, which they had removed recently and stored at the corridor.

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Newcomer Benny

Benny, the new cat at the *25 area 2 power station, now sporting a tipped ear. He is a big cat but not too unfriendly so maybe he can share the place with Daisy and Dusty…

Fizah messaged me that the kittens miss their mother and are not eating well. I went over to pass her some can food for the kittens and mentioned how skinny the mother cat was. She said that she ate a lot and that she thought the cat might be sick…

The kittens seem ok, so I will let Cinderella rest for 2 more days…she looks happy

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Got a frantic call from the caregiver this morning… I had met Penny only once, more than a year ago, when she approached me to help her sterilize the cats in her area. I refused, as I have my hands full but urged her to start sterilizing and to work with her TC. Seems she has now sterilised about 20 cats in her area, with only a few left to be done.

The Pest Control people, as well as the Town Council officer, were at the car park of blk *55 this morning. Seems the TC officer refused to talk to her and also ignored her request to speak with me over the phone. The Caregiver told me that some of the cats had already been caught…which I later found out was untrue.

The TC people had left by the time I reached there but the pest controllers were still there. They told me that they were not catching the cats today (even showed me the empty van with a cat trap in it) but they would come back… as instruction was given to catch the cats (including the tipped ears).

I will pass some CWS material to the caregiver, who said she would do a survey of the 2 blocks from where the complaints originated.

Anyone staying in this area, please call up your TC to let them know that you do not want the cats removed.

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Old Ginger not getting better

Old Ginger does not look well and still eating very little.

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New photo of Cinderella

She has put on some weight 🙂

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