Xiao Qiang caught by AVA

I received an sms from Juliana at 4.30pm that Xiao Hei’s son Boy Boy aka Xiao Qiang was caught by AVA this afternoon.

Terry was supposed to catch him for sterilisation but he did not see him on the day he came down.

When I called AVA I was told that the dog could not be claimed, as it was a police case…he had attacked someone. All I could bargain for was to keep him alive for 2 days until Friday.

I talked to the police and also to the lady who was bitten. She herself does not want the dog to be killed. Seems Xiao Qiang wanted to play with her handbag and bit her calf when she didn’t let go. She said that the bite wound is not serious and that it looked more like a cat scratch.

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0 responses to “Xiao Qiang caught by AVA

  1. Oh no! I hope the AVA reconsiders, especially since the lady who was bitten doesn’t consider the dog dangerous.

  2. Anything we can do?? If the lady withdraw her case from the police, can Terry claim him out? If yes, perhaps we can talk to this lady. Just cannot understand her, why make a big fuss if the bite is just a scratch.

  3. Dulcie called me…a friend of a resident staying in a private residence wants to adopt Boy Boy. She will be going to AVA tomorrow. The lady who made the police report gave me her contact number and she is willing to plead for his life….

  4. A silver lining. Our community dogs live fare far worse than the cats :(“Animals” expression of emotions is always true. A “human” may be smiling but “scheming”. The saying that “you are like an animal” should really be “you are like a human!”

  5. Hope everything can go well…sign…poor dog..

  6. The paperwork has been done and he is being released now…. they are waiting for the pet taxi. Juliana and another resident paid the (quite hefty) AVA charges and according to Dulcie some of the other residents will chip in later.The lady who made the police report had also called up AVA this morning. She seems a very nice person, I think she was just frightened at that moment and also angry that there were several people standing around but no one came to her help…until one person advised her to use the umbrella to ward off Boy Boy. The police officer was also very helpful getting the ‘victim’ to call me. She too, knew the dog and didn’t want him killed.

  7. Well, all’s well that ends well 🙂

  8. I’m relieved that Xiao Qiang has been reprieved–and that he’s founda home with a kind person. Life on the streets is horrible for dogs.Bless the lady who was bitten for pleading for his life.

  9. I am sure Xiao Qiang did not meant to bite the lady. May I know if Xiao Qiang has been rescued?

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