Several cats gone missing

Silvester has been missing for over a week…He was always around block *41 area 3 together with his best buddy Billy Boy. Onyx is missing from *26 area 1. Anna lost one Black Boy at *52, and Sylvia lost a Ginger-white at *78 area.

Hope they are well wherever they are… I am also sad for Billy Boy having lost both of his good friends, first Babu and now Sylvester.

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0 responses to “Several cats gone missing

  1. Oh dear me, several community cats in your neighbourhood missing worried me. Could it be the stray cats captured by pest control due to complaints to Town Council?Or do you have stray dogs mauling cats to death in your area?I pray for the cats well being, hope they are safe and sound in a home.

  2. Poor cats! Poor Onyx! Hope you all are somewhere safe..

  3. I have some hope for Onyx…as he has been ‘lost’ before and then turned up again well and happy.TC say there were no complaints and they didn’t activate any pest control….also the cats didn’t turn up at AVA. Stray dogs would have caught Billy Boy first, as he is fat and can’t run fast.

  4. My prayers goes to you Helga and to the missing cats, especially Babu. I still having Babu cute Hitler-like or Stalin-like moustache photo in my site. Babu is close to my heart.

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