Blaming the cats again…

Saw this at Lingcat’s blog:

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0 responses to “Blaming the cats again…

  1. they r so kind to put up posters like this and spread more hate.

  2. So this poster is saying that it is not kind to feed strays?? It doesn’t differentiate between responsible and irresponsible feeding. It also seems to say that strays or animals in general dirty the environment. Humans (the ones supposed to be with higher intellect) then are blameless?? How simplistic and irresponsible (whoever who came up with this poster) truly is/are!!!

  3. What kind of message are we putting to people, especially to children. Those don’t be kind, don’t feed stray cats posters made kids and adults alike, to be cold hearted and let strays starve to death. Children must be taught from young to be kind to animals. Everyone should learn to show compassion and not to turn a blind eye on the starving strays.

  4. Birds and rats are not strays, so his is clearly aimed at cat feeders.What has feeding cats got to do with bird droppings and spreading diseases?

  5. This is the “product” of a very unproductive town council who is truly recalcitrant, even when the blunder with a big poster that says “An estate where there IS no strays” in Nov’ 2005 resulted in an outcry and organisers took the poster down after a letter appeared in the press.See

  6. Huh! cannot imagine what our society will be in 10 years???

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