One of the Malay family’s cats has been sterilised today

I lend them my carrier and then the two siblings went on their own to bring one of their two cats to the vet. I just came to know that there had been a complaint about their cats a month ago and they were told to keep the cats in…but they had not done so. Wonder if those officials were from Town Council… sad that they still refuse to work with caregivers. Such families need advise about sterilisation, meshing and sometimes they have financial difficulties. The other cat will be done next month.

Regarding Floppy, the complainant accepted our offer to fix plastic mesh to her gate. Sylvia and myself fixed the mesh yesterday night. She was very pleased…but I think she will still keep her doors and windows closed as she is fearful of lizards entering her home. There were rags and small pillows squeezed tightly between the gate and the wooden door to keep them out. We had also been wondering about the black and yellow tape at the wall leading to her unit. She told us hat the MP on her visit has also questioned her about this…it’s to prevent the lizards hiding in the small gap.

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  1. She has OCD or phobia. No need. She lives in perpetual fear created by her own mind. If she admits she is the problem, she may be helped with therapies such as hypnosis, etc but such sufferers sometimes have no insight and hence will not considered themselves “ill” to seek treatment. Sad for her.

  2. Yup Sad! Phobias can be overcome but it needs the will to try and put in some effort. I know from my own spider/cockroach phobia. Once you look at them with kindness and wish them well, you see them simply as other beings going about their lives…your attitude will change.

  3. Indeed this was how I overcome my own aversion to truly pitiful they are and how they have to suffer being stomped on, being fumigated, etc. All they want is to eat…from garbage. Aren’t we lucky enough to offer some compassion?

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