I missed 3 calls from the complainant around 10.30 last night, when I called her back she sounded agitated and complained that she just came home and found the cat lying in front of her door. She asked me to “come and take the cat away?.

The feeding on the 9th floor seems to have stopped but of course the cat won’t change her habit so fast. Sylvia checked at about 11pm and brought Floppy downstairs. When I reached at around midnight she was up again and I also coaxed her to follow me down.

There was no food and the corridor looked very clean except for some red candle wax on the floor. Floppy does not defecate or urinate upstairs. She is also the only community cat at this block.

Though the complainant seems to be a Christian, she has no qualms about terminating the life of this innocent and harmless cat. I wonder, would she be willing to bring Floppy to the vet and to watch her being ‘euthanized’?

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  1. Being a christian doesn’t make one a good person. So far, 95% of the worst people I’ve met in life were in league with the complainant.practise what they preach?

  2. Would engaging CWS to talk to this person to appeal for more time for Floppy to adjust to not going up? She can use some cat-repellents on the area outside her flat, which strictly speaking is public area. Are the neighbours cat-friendly to put some social pressure on this person not to act hastily? What about putting flyers with photos of Floppy on them and insert into every flat or at least around the complainant’s flat and see this might shame her somewhat.

  3. Hi Ultravinz, it was quite silly of me to mention that …I know there are many unthinking followers… or hypocrites.Vegan, I did ask Dawn to talk to her again, but the complainant was uncontactable today. Sylvia and myself also went down again. Someone was in, walking around but didn’t answer the door…Yes, there are many things that can be done, like using a repellent or a spray bottle with water…if one is willing to try. That’s why we wanted to talk to her face to face. I will certainly consider the flyering as the next step.Today we found out who had abandoned Floppy! Sylvia saw some fried fish and rice at the staircase between 5th and 4th floor. She told me that it was fried Malay style, so we knocked at the door of a Malay family on the 5th floor. They denied feeding Floppy and then he told us that Floppy was his cat and he had put her downstairs when she became troublesome! That must have been some years back. Sigh… not even ashamed of his action!

  4. Should have recorded that admission with the mobile phone and file a report of abandonment! or at least scare the family that a police report will be filed!

  5. meowies said: he had put her downstairs when she became troublesome!

    I hope he’ll put his parents, wife, kids etc downstairs when they became troublesome!Or perhaps his kids can do that to him.

  6. meowies said: he had put her downstairs when she became troublesome!

    Vegan, I doubt the police would take action as it has been at least 2 or 3 years ago. I also feel bad…because he freely admitted it…we had no idea. When I asked him if he would take her back in to save her life, he pointed at his young son saying he had asthma. Will pass him the SPCA Abandonment Poster and warn him.Ultravinz, I am sure one day ‘he will be the abandoned cat” and know exactly how it feels….

  7. meowies said: he had put her downstairs when she became troublesome!

    Dawn blogged about a pastor who has pamphlets of verses of kindness to animals. Can you ask Dawn if she can ask this pastor to do some ground work and counsel this Christian lady to be more compassionate towards a mere cat who seems to like the outside of her flat?http://catwelfare.blogspot.com/2007/08/cats-bringing-people-together.htmlhttp://catwelfare.blogspot.com/2007/08/bench.htmlHere’s one of the benches in the church that I went to yesterday evening. Lovely verse – the church also has a pamphlet on all the various Biblical verses that have to do with animals which is something I’ve been looking for. It would be nice to have quotes from all the different religions on their attitudes towards animals.

  8. meowies said: he had put her downstairs when she became troublesome!

    The complainant called me yesterday and she sounded more reasonable…agreeing that it will take time for the cat to change her habit. She also expressed appreciation for what we are doing. Meanwhile some of the residents help by telling their neighbours about the complaint and asking them not to bring Floppy up. Looks like many residents are concerned and would be very unhappy if Floppy was “removed?.Would be great if this pastor could counsel the complainant 🙂 will ask Dawn…

  9. meowies said: he had put her downstairs when she became troublesome!

    Perhaps the weekend allows a person to be more at peace than all the stress from work on weekday and cats become the target of frustration.

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