Complaints at *30 area 3

There are about 7 – 8 cats there at feeding time, which is not an increase in numbers. It’s about the same as when I started sterilizing.

A resident’s cat is causing problems by defecating at the staircase landings. The feeders were actually aware of this and had cleaned up many times. One of them had previously spoken to the “owner��? which ended in quarrelling.

Yesterday night I went with her to speak to the person. He seemed quite hot tempered and shouted at the feeder (who spoke in Malay) to ��?shut up��? at one time.

He refuses to wire mesh his gate, as it wouldn’t look nice (the windows do not face the common corridor). He says all he can do is to pick up the poo when he sees it…he also remarked that it could be other cats or dogs that defecate at the staircase.

Silvia herself saw the cat urinate there yesterday night.

At the end he agreed to keep the door closed when he is at home…but he said that when he is out his young children would open the door and there is nothing he can do about that. According to the “owner��? the cat is already 15 years old. He also has another cat, which is bathroom trained and does not go out.

The feeders will take turns to check morning, afternoon and night and will also sprinkle mothball powder.

Haz will also take a photo/video next time, as proof. …

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0 responses to “Complaints at *30 area 3

  1. God! it must be frustrating to talk to these kind of people… It’s hard to solve a simple problem if the owner doesn’t even want to meet you halfway and be responsible a little. *sigh*

  2. Hate dis kinda owner who will jus take dis matter so easy n sumtime becos of dis kinda owner n otha innocent stray cats will get e blame n start get complaints here n there..

  3. yes isyss… that’s right… It’s really sad when owners are irresponsible and stray cats are the ones who has to pay the price… the injustice of it all…

  4. It pisses me off this kind of irresponsible cat owners letting their cats roaming and defecate outside. They should installed small grills or wire mesh their front gate and toilet train their cats. Don’t these irresponsible cat owners have brains … how can they sleep in peace, knowing it is their fault that the innocent stray cats are captured and culled.

  5. I won’t let that happen, guess we have no choice but to inform TC. The door is still open and the cat roaming…

  6. I think we face the same irresponsible cat owners who do not seem to understand they are jeopardising the rest of the cats! We face the same dilemma whether such cat ought to be made to suffer as surely the TC will just nab the cat rather than the owner!

  7. So far there has been no further incident…Haz spoke to the son, who seems more reasonable. She told me that the cat was not let out last night.

  8. This reminded me of a Malay family that we approached regarding a complaint of cat poo along the common corridor. The door was open and through the door grill was a cat. The father was aggressive and wondered why the Chinese were allowed to have dogs that barked and barked but so much restrictions on cats! The daughter, although reasonable, was still adamant the poo was not due to her cat. We tried to explain that we and certainly they too could write to Mr Mah to appeal for the removal of ban on cats but right now, the cats downstairs were in jeopardy and there was a complaint. We told the family that we were as concerned about cats although we were not Malay. She pointed to her immediate neighbours who were also Malay and said the flat has many cats in there but they were not on talking terms. We suspected a white cat that we later found lying in a pool of blood could have falled from this flat.Another siamese-x that was later found wandering downstairs could have been a cat we saw hiding amongst the flower pots of this flat. This cat was later trapped and rescued.

  9. We see the ugly people behind these “nice? unmeshed gates and windows…

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