Steel has a big wound…

Steel had moved away from his original place at Blk *18 area 2 and had not been seen for 2 months…then suddenly he turned up at *18 with a very nasty looking wound at his throat. I took him in and Mohan came to clean the wound and cut away all the dead skin. Steel also looked quite skinny and was very dehydrated. That was 4 days ago, I hope that the wound can close up without stitching. He is eating well and is no longer dehydrated but has loose stool.

Steel actually looks a lot like Rocky…but he is a good boy, very quiet. He is the older brother of the 3 pearls.

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0 responses to “Steel has a big wound…

  1. I hope Steel will get well soon… That wound looks pretty bad…

  2. Thanks, Eslina. I think the wound is slightly smaller now.

  3. ouch, all the best to Steel.

  4. It’s healing…but slowly. He keeps licking off the powder.

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