Rocky & Misty

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  1. Guess what’s Rocky thinking??? Answer : I miss fighting, let me get well soon and I’ll fight again!

  2. Rocky aka Sam-Seng-Kia (Gangster kid!)

  3. Looking at his face and how he walks…one can know his character. We also call him “Gangster” and “Ah Beng”.His wound is almost closed. There was also another puncture under the chin. Will probably throw this naughty boy out by tomorrow…and will also have to release Misty. Sad to return to the car park, she has become very friendly…but no one interested in adopting her.

  4. tee hee, you got to love misty’s eyes

  5. Rocky chased Misty across the car park yesterday…but no screaming no fighting. I guess he likes her but does not want to show it 🙂

  6. Rocky likes another cat?? there’s something that I cannot believe …hope it’s true:)

  7. Hee hee … is Rocky in love?? This is soo cute… reminds me of the photo book by Hans Silvester’s “Cats in Love” :)) So sweet!!

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