Bobby has been sterilised today

Bobby (sibling of Spicy and Spot) is still at the clinic.

Sunshine was adopted into a 4-cat home yesterday. The adopter brought one of her cats along and they seemed comfortable with each other.

Rocky spent last night on the balcony…he seemed to be less noisy. The wound looks better today after applying “Burmese powder?. Misty is not afraid of him at all. Hope they can become friends if Misty doesn’t get adopted….

Update from Sammy’s adopter. He was let out into the garden for the first time today but managed to squeeze out through the plastic-meshed gate a few times.

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0 responses to “Bobby has been sterilised today

  1. Good to hear of Sunshine and Sammy’s adoption. Any further precautionary re-enforcement to prevent Sammy’s escape? It will be sometime before he becomes too fat to squeeze out.

  2. Sammy is no longer skinny…we have already fattened him up :)The adopter will keep him indoors for another week… any suggestions on how to cat-proof the gate? I guess he could also climb over it…

  3. Oh no ! Naughty Sammy ! 😦 How did he manage to squeeze out ??

  4. If possible, microchip him and put a collar with the guardian’s contact on it. Introduce their new feline member of the family to the neighbours and ask them to call the guardian if sammy causes trouble.

  5. That’s good advice, vegan.

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