Double Whammy!

Sleepless nights thanks to Rocky and back problems due to an old injury.

Rocky doesn’t get tired of his constant meow…meooow…meoooow!

Have to keep him in the bathroom at night so at least the neighbours can sleep.

His wound is not healing and I noticed hat he was licking it. So on went the Elizabethan collar yesterday. However, he managed to get it off during the night and now I have tightened it a bit more.

M thinks that the wound needs stitching but I will wait a little longer…I guess it wasn’t healing because of the licking.

During the day all 3 cats (Rocky, Misty and Sunshine) are together on he balcony. All are eating well and so far seem to be getting along. Misty is playing next to Rocky…seems to have all forgotten how he used to chase her across the car park.

Old Ginger is still skinny, but not as bad as before. He has again poor appetite.

Every night I have to coax him to eat at least 1/4 to 1/3 of a can of Avoderm.

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0 responses to “Double Whammy!

  1. Could it be due to pain on the wound that’s why he’s meowing or perhaps it might be the Elizabethan collar that makes him uncomfortable 🙂

  2. Not pain…he even keeps still and quiet when i clean and dress the wound. Rocky is very vocal and I know what he is saying “Let me out!!!” He tore the collar…just left the string around his neck and the collar hanging by one loop. He shredded the other two loops! Should have clipped his claws. May have to bring him for stitching…

  3. Very very naughty boy, should send him for cats’ obedience course if there’s any.

  4. Oh ! Take care of your back . :p

  5. Old Ginger is eating better lately…he will now finish half a can of Avoderm.I am also feeding the mother cat and her 4 little tabbies everyday. This mother cat is super manja…hard not to hate the people who abandoned her when she was about to give birth.My back is almost okay now…luckily it was just a minor attack.

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