Babu went missing

Babu has not been seen for 3 days.
A feeder saw a lady taking Babu on Monday. She told her not to take the cat as he belongs here. The lady claimed that he was originally her cat and that she stayed at the 200 area.

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0 responses to “Babu went missing

  1. Hey, this cat with moustache look like Hitler! :-DHow about posting Babu photo in Cats That Look Like Hitler website😀

  2. He is a Mousolini with moustache 😉

  3. Hmm! Come to think of it, Babu thick bushy moustache look more like Stalin than Hitler!Hahaha!My prayers goes to Babu. Hope he is doing well, adopted by the lady who claimed it is her cat, and glad Babu is no more a homeless cat.As long as it is not pest control taking Babu, hope the owner is a good, responsible pet owner.Amen!

  4. If the lady is really staying at 200 plus and let him out, he will be in danger of being caught by pest control, as there are no caregivers in that area.

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