Old Ginger not well

Old photo

Old Ginger has not been eating and has become very thin and also very dehydrated. Yesterday I noticed the large lump under his chin.

Took him to the vet this morning and he was put on a drip and had the abscess drained under anesthetic.

Afterwards, he drank a whole bowl full of water but didn’t touch the food. Luckily, he is easy to syringe and medicate.

At the vet I happened to meet the caregiver who had sterilised Old Ginger and also claimed him back from AVA 8 years ago. I think he must be at least 10 years old now.

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0 responses to “Old Ginger not well

  1. I hope Old Ginger will get well soon… Hugs & kisses for Old Ginger from cat pal Ocean & family…

  2. Thanks, hope he will start eating soon…

  3. He is a “lucky”cat to be cared for when old and sick. Some old and sick human are neglected.

  4. …being at the mercy of their family members, they are voiceless, too.

  5. Old Ginger has started eating. Strangely, he refused Fussy Cat and Fancy Feast but will eat Avoderm wet food… and Nutro kibbles. He knows what’s good for him :)There is a 1cm long opening under his chin…but it’s quite dry now.

  6. Will bring more Avoderm wet food for him next week, hope that he get well soon 🙂

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